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Advanced Training-ONE DAY Description

This 8 hour trip not only offers a review of the basics, but extends into deeper application and demonstration of more advanced setups, rod and reel combos, lure selection, layouts of equipment, and SOG, thermoclines and underwater current influences.

Training Included

  • Advanced Downrigger training:  Review of basics, advanced instruction on how to run stacker lines-free sliders vs fixed lines, and how to run multiple lines from one downrigger.
  • Advanced Dipsy Diver:  Review of the basics of setup, types, and styles, advanced instruction on slide diver’s vs dipsy, leader length, line selection, and lure selection.
  • Advanced Planer Boards: Review of the basics, advanced training on types/styles, types of releases, size selection, rod selection, line selection (how to run various types), stacking and quantity.
  • Advanced Lure Selection:  Review of basics, advanced instruction on color spectrum charts for various depths, UV vs standard colors, flasher/fly setups, meat rigs.
  • Advanced Lure and Rig setup:  Review of basics, advanced instruction of fly/flasher combo, spoons, dipsy’s, planer boards, Line (mono, copper, leadcore, braided, and wire), and meat rigs.
  • Advanced boat control and speed: Review of basics, advanced instruction on thermoclines and  underwater currents, patterns, and trolling direction influences.
  • 8 hours of advanced instruction and travel time to and from lake (dock to dock).


  • 1-4 people:          $825.00*
  • 5-6 people:          $1025.00                                                                                                
    Keep what you Catch (DNR limits enforced)

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