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Get to Know:
Our Leg-A-Sea Charters

Our Leg-A-Sea Charters began 25 years ago as a dream of mine.  I’ve always loved fishing, especially on the Great Lakes.  It became a passion of mine since the first day I experienced fishing with my dad and grandfather as a child.  I fished every chance I had.  As I grew up, I got married and had children of my own.  They inherited the passion.  As our kids grew, they began to develop interests of their own, and we parents temporarily set our dreams aside and help them chase theirs.  

The passion for fishing never went away and we would go as often as we could but life tugged us in several directions.  Until one day when we almost lost one of our children in a severe car accident.  That day the reality of how short life really is and how quickly it can change slammed into our family.  It was in the following few months after that we began talking again about our dream to begin a fishing charter business on Lake Michigan.  We talked for many months about what to name our new adventure.  

One day while talking with our children, we poured over ideas of what we wanted to express in our name and through our business, what was our passion? We determined that what we leave behind for others to remember us by was the underlying theme of our discussions.  We wanted to be remembered for our love and compassion, for our devotion to each other, for our gratefulness, our adventure and love of life, and for our love of fishing!  We wanted others to experience the joy and excitement and passion we have for fishing and to be able to share those moments with their friends and family.  

Legacy became a very important concept to us.  Our daughter was permanently paralyzed from her accident and when considering a name for our business we all wanted her to know that just because she didn’t have use of her “land legs” anymore, she would always have her Sea Legs (hence the name of our boat).  We wanted her to remember that there is a Way , just seek and you will find, in our leg-of-the-sea.  

And this is how Our Leg-A-Sea Charters came to be.  Where the focus is on helping you create lasting memories with your friends and family that add to Your legacy! 

Captain Chris Inman

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