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Well Hello, and welcome to Our Leg-A-Sea Charters.  I am Captain Pepper (yes that is my REAL name!) I co-captain alongside my husband, Captain Chris.  I have been fishing with him for 28 years and have enjoyed almost every moment.  I did not grow up fishing.  When Chris and I met he introduced me to this sport and I have to say I was most definitely squeamish at the thought of baiting my own hook and touching the slimy creatures.  But I grew to LOVE this outdoor activity on the water and found that I really enjoyed not only time with Chris but fishing as well.  Since then we have spent many hours on the water learning new ways to be successful and hone our skills to offer you the best experience possible!  We love what we and getting to know all of you!  I look forward to meeting you and providing a memorable amazing experience aboard Sea Legs II! 

Fishing Charters