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Captain Gabriella Inman

I am 20 years old, I got my captains license when I was 17 through tow boat US. A little about me is I started fishing with my dad when I was just a small kid and loved every minute of it, but as I have gotten older, I have developed a passion for fishing. 
When I graduated from high school I went on to graduate from Michigan Boat Building School as a Marine Mechanic.  I currently work at a local marina as a Marine Mechanic and I absolutely love what I am doing.  I am still a fisher woman at heart and operate charters as often as I can with my dad.  One thing about me, I love to talk it’s right in the name “Gab”riella so feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I hope you enjoy your trip with Our Leg-A-Sea Charters, we are here for you just as much as you’re here to fish!

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