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Basic Training-TWO DAY Description

This trip is for anyone interested in learning the basics of fishing on Lake Michigan and actively applying training on Lake Michigan while captain observes and instructs when necessary.  The second day is used as application of all the training received on day one.  You will operate all equipment (with the exception of driving and auto pilot) and determine placement and layout of rods and lures. 

Training Includes


  • Downrigger basics: ball weights, types, placement on boat, quantity, release types, manual vs electric.
  • Dipsy Diver basics: setup, types/styles, line selection.
  • Planer Board basics:  types/styles, types of releases, basic setup.
  • Lure Selection:  various spoons, body baits, plugs, and flies, depth and color selection, weather conditions, basic setup.
  • Rod and Reel options: types of, purpose of, types of line use.
  • Lure/Rig Basic Setup: Flasher/fly, Spoons, Dipsy Divers.
  • Boat control/speed: SOG, types of depth probes and uses.
  • All equipment and lures for training are  provided (for demonstration not to be kept by clients)
  • Second day of Training:  8 hours on the Lake Michigan.  You set up and run fishing equipment upon arrival to fishing location.
  • 16 hours of training and travel time to and from lake (dock to dock).


  • 1-4 people:            $1350.00*
  • 5-6 people:            $1750.00                                                      

Keep what you Catch

(DNR limits enforced) 

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